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Chip Chops Dog Treats - Biscuit Twined with Chicken - 70 gms

- The crispness of the biscuit and the goodness of real chicken, make this treat tasty and healthy. Highly digestible, it offers loads of nutritional benefits to your ...

Chip Chops Dog Treats - Diced Chicken - 70 gms

- Chip ChopDiced Chicken is made of fresh meat. - They are carefully prepared to provide a pure, tasty, and highly digestible snack. Chop Chop has goodness with nutrit...

Chip Chops Dog Treats - Devilled Chicken Sausage - 70 gms

- A tasty yet nutritional dog snack, this treat pack from Chip Chop is highly digestible too! - Use it as a snack or a reward, this treat pack is a guilt-free way to s...