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Chip Chops Dog Treats - Chicken & Codfish Sandwich - 70 gms

- Give your dog the best of nutrition with every treat from Chip Chop. Made from real chicken, it is sun-dried to seal in the taste and aroma, to make your dog go craz...

Chip Chops Dog Treats - Chicken & Codfish Roll - 70 gms

- Made from real chicken and codfish, this treat pack offers nothing but the best for your pooch. - Made from all fresh ingredients, it is a healthier and tastier alte...

Chip Chops Dog Treats - Fish On Stick - 70 gms

- Chip Chop fish on sticks are made of fresh meat. - They are carefully prepared to provide a pure, tasty, and highly digestible snack. - Chop Chop has goodness with n...