The Holistic Pet Care Platform


Add Multiple Pets

Manage multiple pets health from one spot.

Add Multiple Parents

Add your spouse, kids and others as sub-parents and share responsibilities.

Ready for Emergencies

Call an ambulance or chat with qualified vets in case of any unwanted incidents.

Record Allergies

Add all known allergies so you, your pet's co-parents and the vets are aware at all times.

Digitize Medical History

Convert all your older prescriptions and reports into image based records and save in the app for access anytime.

Deworming Reminders

Record deworming dates, medicine observed and create reminders for future deworming so you never have to guess again.

Vaccination Chart

Create your pet's vaccination chart yourself or let your vet add it in the app so you can keep track.

Food Tracking

Track your pet's food consumption, for all the food subscribed through us and track any sudden changes in their eating behaviour.


Automate Food Delivery

Just select your pet's favourite food and set a schedule so you never forget buying their food again.

Home Grooming

Book home grooming sessions from the comfort of your couch so you never have to waste hours at a pet spa again.

Vet Chat

Chat with qualified vets through text, pictures, voice call or video call for a quick consultation or follow up.

Book Clinic Appointments

No waiting at the vet next time. Just book a slot at your nearest clinic from the app and done!


Book your seat in for a personal session or enroll in one of the upcoming traning classes and mould your pup to the best they can be.

Home Boarding

Find amazing homes for your pets to stay while you are out of town so they never feel alone.

medicine reminder


Doggie will continue to launch new features that would help you take the best possible care of your pet...all in one place! Here are some features that are already in the pipeline.

Medicine Reminder

Setup reminders for your pup's medicine schedule and never miss a dose.


Buy directly from some of the best brands across continents or locally from your nearest Doggie powered store.


Listing of the upcoming events around for you to visit with your fur baby.

Walk Tracking and Services

Measure your dog's walks either by yourself, through your own dog walker or hire a walker from the platform.

Home Vets

Call vets to your home by the click of a button and remove the clinic anxiety from your pet's life.

Launch in New Cities

Some of our services are currently available only in Mumbai but even these services will soon be launching in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and other cities.


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